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Emmalyn Chen
Emmalyn Chen
Chief of Staff & Senior Scientific Director

Emmalyn Chen PhD

Emmalyn Chen, PhD is a scientist and researcher with expertise in the fields of oncology, bioinformatics, and genomics. As the Chief of Staff & Scientific Director, she works across departments to translate research findings into clinical practice and to ensure these efforts support the broader mission at ArteraAI to personalize cancer therapy. Her leadership has been instrumental in fostering a collaborative and innovative research environment, while also forging strong partnerships.

Prior to joining ArteraAI, Emmalyn conducted her doctoral research at UCSF with Dr. Felix Feng and Professor John Witte, where she focused on developing novel methods for detecting and monitoring prostate cancer using cell-free DNA. In addition to her academic achievements, Emmalyn’s previous biotech experience includes work at Genentech, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, Avail Bio, Bolt Threads, and Freenome.