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Felix Feng
Felix Feng

Felix Feng MD

Dr. Felix Feng is a radiation oncology leader in translational research. The primary aim of Dr. Feng’s research program is to individualize therapy for patients with aggressive prostate cancer, by identifying determinants of treatment resistance and developing strategies to overcome this resistance.

To enhance current clinical approaches from a biological perspective, his laboratory and dedicated research team are pursuing three major goals: 1) to identify novel molecular biomarkers of aggressive prostate cancer, 2) to understand the mechanisms by which several of these biomarkers drive disease progression, and 3) to develop therapeutic approaches to target these disease drivers.

Dr. Feng serves on the National Cancer Institute Genitourinary Cancer Steering Committee, which oversees and evaluates clinical trials proposed by all national clinical trials cooperative groups. He also serves as Chair of the Biology Scientific Track for the American Society of Radiation Oncology, and as Chair of the Genitourinary Translational Research Program for the RTOG/NRG national cooperative group.