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Andre Esteva
Andre Esteva
CEO / Co-Founder

Andre Esteva PhD

Andre Esteva is a researcher and entrepreneur in medical artificial intelligence. He currently serves as CEO of ArteraAI, and was previously Head of Medical AI at Salesforce Research. He has worked at Google Research, Sandia National Labs, GE Healthcare, and has founded four companies.

His research efforts have largely focused on medical AI diagnostics and precision medicine. His publications have made the covers of Nature and Nature Medicine, and have been featured in Cell, The Lancet, NeurIPS, and similar venues. These works have been widely covered by the WSJ, Fortune, BBC, The Economist, and hundreds of other news outlets.

He obtained his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Stanford, where his research was in deep learning and computer vision, with applications built for dermatology, drug screening, neuroscience, and psychiatry. He finished undergraduate degrees with highest honors in Electrical Engineering and Pure Math from UT-Austin and was awarded Engineering Valedictorian (formally, the Outstanding Scholar-Leader Award).”